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Just because you let someone go, doesn't mean it'll come back to you. This is the story of how love was found, and then lost once I finally decided to chase my dreams.


Based on a true story...



Produced & Directed by: Robert Pigkaso

Produced by: Coalishun Entertainment

Videography By: Adam Trilling

Stylist: @Deathhbycupcake

Location: Castle Hill Avenue, Bronx, NY

Will the YoYoMan save the day

Will he get the yo-yo back?

Will he stay at the bachelorette party and bag all of the chicks?

Well, watch this video to find out!

Directed by: Strategic Filmz

Produced by: Richard Pigkaso & Coalishun Entertainment

Filmed by: Strategic Filmz

Stylist: @deathhbycupcake

Location: The Bronx, New York

A promotional video for an up and coming clothing company based in Long Island, New York. (2016)

Directed by: @rednyc1979 on Instagram

Produced by: Strings Attached & 12 Keys

Clothing by: 12 Keys

Location: Pelham Bay Park, New York

The first live freestlye, written and produced in my own backyard.


 "Backyard Freestyle".


A cameo by my father, Robert.


Clothing by: Rage On - @rageonofficial

Sound System by: Bose Soundlink  - @bose

Video Recorded By: ATBMJ Productions - @rednyc1979

Directed by: @rednyc1979

Produced by: Strings Attached, LLC.

Rhymes in my basement is the first song ever written and produced by Pigkaso.


A cameo by my best friend, Joey Lambz


This is the video of the first single off of the mixtape -- 

YoYos Volume I: I'm Just Venting


Directed by: @rednyc1979 on Instagram

Produced by: Strings Attached, LLC

Clothing by: Pigkaso's Own

Location: Bronx, New York


One of the many live club performances at

Blackthorn 51


Video Recorded by: Robert Pigkaso (father)

Clothing by: Pigkaso's Own


iPhone Chronicles


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